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Stop looking for money…
and let money find you.

Have you ever felt stuck or unfulfilled? Struggled to find your sense of purpose?
Have you ever felt overwhelmed or uncertain about how to begin building your financial future?

This book is for you if you’re ready to shift:

From scarcity to abundance.
From seeing obstacles to seeing opportunities.
From insecure to empowered.
(Psst, you have permission to be brilliant and imperfect.)

Money is Looking For You

is the new book from Kim Curtis, bestselling and award-winning author of Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing and Retirement Secrets: Keys to Retiring Happy, Healthy & Free.

Money is Looking For You helps people move beyond inner barriers and limiting behaviors to build a life filled with prosperity, aliveness and joy.

Coming Soon on and at your local bookstore.

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What if I told you, money is not a scarce resource? What if I told you money is infinitely abundant? And it’s looking for YOU…

The world has taught us to focus on the need for money. On the “I wish I could afford that” and “I wish I had more” energy…not a fun place to be. But if this is you, you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault. There are deep-seated social, cultural, and psychological factors at work.

All it takes is one simple shift, and everything changes. SNAP! 

When you ditch self-doubt, start seeing your own worth, and have the courage to invest in your ideas—guess what? It leads to greater wealth and fulfillment.

But wait, this isn’t just some woo woo money mindset book. I won’t be telling you to grab some crystals, light a candle and simply manifest the money.

Through practical advice and exercises, this book teaches you how to shift your attitudes and behaviors around money. Learn how to magnetize money to your ideas. Tune into your money receptors so you can understand what they’re saying to you and, most importantly, how they impact your life. Then tweak those receptors to support your ultimate prosperity.

Become a money magnet with Money is Looking for You.

Fresh off  Money is Looking for You, I’m thinking about money completely differently and I feel invited in to create a relationship with money and SNAP into a different mindset where money supports the life where I can have love and money.

Bonnie Lynn

Transformational Coach, Founder

I received a lot of judgment and questions about my desire to be an educator. In reading this book, I found renewed peace and happiness with my decision to go out into the world and making decisions that I will be proud of. I am confident that money will find me as I find fulfillment in doing what I love.

Hannah O’Neil

Educator, 7th Grade Mathematics

This book is not a quick fix or five easy steps to becoming a millionaire. It is a thought provoking challenge to developing a greater understanding of our relationship with money and the power each of us has to obtain it. My favorite line is “the problem and solution lie in yourself.” 

Lauren Baukus

UX Designer, Digital Products

meet kim curtis

Kim Curtis, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CAP®, AEP®, MSFS, is the founder and CEO of Wealth Legacy Institute. She is a nationally recognized wealth management advisor and speaker.

Her groundbreaking work in developing Humanigraphix, a highly personal client-centric planning model, was recognized by the Journal of Practical Estate Planning, winning the Editor’s Choice award.

The Planning for LIFE Experience is the cornerstone of her firm’s holistic and highly successful approach to integrated wealth management.

Kim’s best-selling book, Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing, pulls back the curtain on the billion-dollar financial services industry to reveal why smart people make bad investment mistakes. The book has won four book awards and remains an Amazon best-seller.

Speaking passionately about the topic of financial literacy in America, Kim has appeared on TV media outlets and podcasts around the country and been profiled in several publications, including The Wall Street Journal.

Who is this book for?





Any woman who’s had a job (literally any job) has experienced the gender pay gap, imposter syndrome, and implicit or internalized sexism. And maybe, just maybe…you’ve had it with old-school gender-biases and going after some predefined version of success?

If you worry about student debt, buying a house, or planning for your future in the face of *all of the things*, you’ve come to the right place. This book has all the financial mindset stuff they never taught you in school (but should have). Plus practical advice you can actually use.

With Money is Looking for You, we’re busting the glass ceiling and building a rooftop garden.

Come along for the journey!

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